Customer Reviews

Alberto G.
Best rental place in the business! They have everything, amazing staff, amazing pricing, and quality equipment! Thanks to everybody who works their!
Brody Y.
I've rented thousands of dollars worth of rentals at Jons. Skid steers, chippers, rock saws, more skid steers, more chippers, trailers, you name it. Tried...
Omar C.
They always have machines in good condition and functional.
Umesh G.
Ok this review update is long overdue! As a business owner of a landscape company - the ability to take a rendering to realty takes a lot of planning and...
san S.
Marcus In front office is one of the ones that keeps me coming back . Super easy process , always have what I need. Great company
john G.
Fast, efficient and friendly. Pickup was in and out in 10 minutes. Drop off was in and out in 10 minutes. I rented a hydraulic stump grinder, and...
jamille K.
I’ve rented here several times before and always have a great experience. Even when they don’t carry something I need, they’re always super helpful in referring me to another place that does rent them. They’re usually my first call for any type of rental equipment for my construction business.
Taylor E.
Great customer service and friendly staff.
Kara D.
Good folks good service
Troy W.
I love this place and the team that works there. They have almost everything and they’re really fast!
Levi P.
Top notch team and service!LeviPhillips Trio Tree Service
Yanier Salazar S.
I have rented equipment from many places, and these guys were "hands down" the best I have ever used.Kudos to the Jon's Rental Team.DavidTexas RV Experts
Terry H.
Good service.
Christopher S.
Best Place in this city! Lowest prices! Quality Equipment
Dave H.
I reserved a stump grinder and showed up right before they opened. The guys were super friendly. Illustrated how the machine operated and hooked the trailer to my truck fast. The grinder worked flawlessly. The office guys are just as helpful and friendly. This place is what customer service is all about. Cannot say enough good things about them. Outstanding!
Michael M.
Despite having to drive by three other rental places to get there, Jon's always has a good quality fleet that's well maintained. They're priced a little higher than most others, but you can tell that they reinvest in their equipment. You'll get your tasks done instead of hauling it back and forth due to issues.
Boomboom B.
Number one rentals on tools
Jon'Kamren W.
As a small business owner, I can say that Ive been around a block a few times in regards to rentals. Jon's Rentals continues to be the gold standard for rentals. Period.
matt J.
I got to Jon's for all my rental needs, trailers, larger tools and most recently a huge 16 door A-frame ladder. The team is always courteous and helpful.
roger H.
Awesome customer service and great pricing. Quick no hassle rentals. I was in and out in just a few minutes. Will definitely rent from them again.
Chris B.
Super fast and professional. Long time customer. I broke a hydrolic hose on one of their skid steers one time.. I was on a crucial deadline.. They were out within an hour with a new machine... and hardly charged me anything for the repair. Any other place would have gouged me. Best rental place in town! But don't go there cause I don't want it to get too crowded. 😉
Rachel R.
Great customer service and prices! I will be back
Leonel Z.
sunlight tree S.
The best customer service in Austin .... Thanks you guys
Jon's rental has fair prices on their tool rentals staff is amazing and friendly I recommend this rental company to anyone for sure
Dave S.
Customer service is awesome. This is your one stop place to go for equipment rentals.
Rebekah K.
We have used Jon’s for multiple projects over the last 5 years. The equipment is always well maintained and fair priced. The customer service team (especially the pretty lady) are always on top of things and easy to work with. I will continue to go to Jon’s for my tool rental needs.
kelly B.
Always what you need
John J.
Great customer service 👍
Daniel S.
These guys are great! Everytime I've rented from them ( skid steer , car hauler , gasoline hole bore ) they have been kind polite and ever so helpful! Every single one of them knows their products and can explain differences to help you find the rite tool! They offer delivery and I haven't found anyone who beats their prices. Quality tools , good customer service , and better than average prices. How could you say better. Thank you guys!
Lloyd G.
Great experience renting a 16' dual axle utility trailer. Efficient staff which was very helpful and made sure everything was hooked up correctly before I left. Also was so nice to help me inflate a low tire on my SUV. Will definitely rent from them again!
Mike R.
Called them up needing to rent their telehandler. When I got there, it was on the trailer staged in the middle of the parking lot ready to hook up. Employees were friendly.
Michael S.
Best rental outfit in town. They are fast and easy to work with. They are always more then fair and take great care of us! I've been coming here for over 5 years and never been let down.
Brian W.
I searched all over town for what I needed to rent. Most people didn't care to stay on the phone or be very helpful. However when I called Jon's rental when I needed a concrete grinder they not only had one, it was very nice and helpful on the phone. They even called back shortly after because he forgot to give me a little more information he intended to. It was very appreciative. I see myself bringing all my business to this location. The customer service was very appreciated. Top notch!
Robert A.
Professional, I’m always in and out, and the best customer service that does not quit and great prices Thanks guys
Frayed K.
Cool folks, great service
Béla H.
Excellent service, really helpful staff!
William A.
Awesome customer service and the people were very helpful professional 👍
Ray D.
The guys at Jon's are next level. Absolutely the best service possible.
Mehdi B.
Family owned company where customer is truly valued and appreciated. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly. No more Home Depot rental. Jon’s is the way to go when renting equipment.
Justin A.
Great place super awesome service. We get trailers and chainsaws here all the time al they’re always sharp and ready to go!
The guys at Jons rental are amazing always willing to help with anything you need or have a question about.
Scott B.
Great customer service
Robert B.
Good honest people with fair and competitive pricing and very accommodating. They've got whatever you need. They will take good care of you.
brent S.
Great Service!Fast response time.Thank you.
Israel V.
Love they're customer service
Andy B.
these guys are extremely fair. would rent from again.
Neo S.
Best tool rental place in town and the staff is very helpful! I'm currently renovating a house and they always have what I need. Prices are good and there is never a long wait. I will definitely be recommending this place to other people!!!
Billy “The Average Workshop” K.
Best rental place in the state, Jace Evans is the most down to earth hardest working young man you will ever meet, don't mess with the rest go to the best Jon's rental.
Isaac N.
have usually had a good experience renting here and would recommend the place, they have very good equipment with a wide selection. stay in touch with them and ask about bad weather so you don't pay more than you need to.
Joe P
Knowledgeable and courteous customer service. I've rented a lot of equipment from many places in Austin and I stick with John's for the service. I used a lot of irrigation equipment and the trailer rentals are the least expensive in the Austin area. Pro tip - if they're closed on Sunday you can rent on Saturday and return on Monday and only pay for one day! But if you're late you WILL pay for 2 days, so early birds get the worm. Go see John, he'll hook you up!
Priscilla L.
Came in looking for some equipment as well as had inquiries about the surrounding area. The staff was super friendly, helpful, and personable! They strive for quality service with quality products and can meet a whole range of whatever project you need to pursue. Highly recommend this awesome small local Austin business!
Mike D.
Always relible.
Jake M.
We love this place. Been loyal customers for nearly 20 years. We rent all the specialized tools for our chandelier company, and heavy tools for remodeling our factory.Everybody is ultra polite and eager to please. They remember my name and have jumped through hoops on many occasions to ensure that they provide us exactly what we need.For example: We work in esquite estates that are cleaner than most hospitals.We frequently need to build scaffolding towers in these homes to work on their chandeliers.Now anybody who has ever rented scaffolding doesn't expect it to be clean enough to eat from.But Jon's always washes and dries all our scaffolding before we pick it up. We asked them to do that once several years ago. They remembered that request and have never failed to provide us with freshly impeccably detail cleaned scaffolding.And they are very gentle when loading our truck because they know we carry cartons of delicate crystals in the back, inches away from the ladders and scaffolding.I've never dreamed of going anywhere else locally. And we travel alot. We have to use other scaffold rental services in far away places. And it's usually gorilla's throwing filthy mixed parts on the ground next to our truck. And at twice the price of Jon's.If they ever give us a wonky component, they are overly generous with discounting our invoice to accommodate the inconvenience.We can't say enough great things about Jon's.
Cynthia F.
They're awesome! They worked with us on a certain situation and made our move a lot less stressful.
John Jacob jomgelheimer S.
These guys are epic! They go the extra mile on everything. I couldn't be more impressed with their prices , the willingness to work with me , the ease to rent the equipment and they guys who load and show you how everything works. It was a night and day difference from any other company I have ever rented from. I couldn't think of a single negative and highly recommend them. They even suggested the proper equipment before I rented something that wouldn't have worked the way I wanted!
Jeff P.
Just great folks to deal with. Quality, well maintained equipment at a fair price.
Easy in and out. The staff is always helpful and knowledgeable.
Rigoberto B.
They have evryting you need and a friendly staff
David H.
I've been renting equipment from Jon's rentals for years now and these guys are great to work with! I own a party rental company and frequently need extra generators or trailers. Jon's is our preferred company for multiple reasons. Everyone that works there are friendly and work diligently. So for your equipment rental needs I highly recommend that you use Jon's rentals!David
joe L.
Very nice people in and out quickly
Geoff D.
The only place to rent equipment in Austin. The staff and equipment is top notch!
Kyle F.
I highly recommend Jon’s rental for all the services they offered. They’re a local family owned business and their level of service is reflective of that—unbeatable. You always have friendly faces, personable and helpful insights and the best prices. I’ve never had cost surprises with Jon’s rental. The price is always exactly what I’m told, unless I extend my rental duration of course. It’s great to pay our small business services forward to a place like Jon’s. I highly recommend.
Rick S.
This is a very professional run yard with great condition equipment
Jake M.
EDIT UPDATE: The service just keeps getting better all the time.*Helpful tip: If you need scaffolding, make sure you call ahead and request that they clean it for you. Otherwise you will probably have to wet wipe it down, (which is not fast or easy), if you are using it inside furnished/occupied homes.*Also make sure they give you enough safety pins for your rig. They occasionally send you out with far less than you need.Overall, super friendly staff and eager to please. They get you in & out very quickly. I've been a regular customer for over 25 years now.ORIGINAL POST:I own Austin Chandelier Service, Empire Chandelier and AllerFreeHome. We have been renting ladders & scaffolding in three different cities over the past 30 years, and I can tell you that Jon's is BY FAR the best ever. Like other reviewers have pointed pout, they are very professional, fast, helpful, personable and very generous.The equipment is always clean, and well maintained.
Zakary K.
Fast friendly and efficient
Krystal R.
I highly recommend Jon's rental. Not only are they a local business, but they are priced right and beyond friendly. During a tough time, this company was there to help us out last minute, without question. We're forever grateful for the service we received. Jon's is our go-to!
Kenneth D.
Was trying to put in a fence at home & found out I have 5 inches of dirt then boulders under that. My friend Chad uses Jon's Rental so we went down to rent a jackhammer. They got the right size for the job quickly. Very professional and personable. Even made a awesome cappuccino for my buddy Chad! The item was loaded in my truck before I exited the building. Great guy outside too who took the time to explain how to use. My 85 yr old dad returned and they took good care of him too in unloading.They have earned my business and I'll keep coming back for my equipment rentals.My only regret is not trying the cappuccino.....
Jon R.
Jon's tool rental is not just the best tool rental shop. it's way more! All the tools are very well taken care of. The guys are super helpful, friendly, nice, actually think about the customers' wants and needs.. Family oriented, local, overall super clean and great experience everytime really appreciate this type of business. See you again !
Thomas W.
Friendly employees and awesome customer service!!